domingo, agosto 23, 2009

Back home

Back home. And it feels good. Calm after a summer going back and forth. Time to settle down, to think in all the places we've been, in the mesmerizing waters of the Mallorca's beaches, solitary (well no, just kidding). In the truly empty streets of the boiling Madrid centre. Or the full ones in the Malmö's festival, with great blues guitar players and dancing salsa. In the incredible Skåne sunsets. Without mentioning the most common but not less amazing summer things, as my uncle's paella (ok who has a big pan? we are making one!), swimming at night under the lights, and always, again, the sea...
Now I've got the energy for the autumn, the new projects, the walks into the woods and the movies..
vem är med?


Blogger Jessica said...

I am in! ...och du förstår havets kraft... Kram!

9:08 a. m.  
Blogger clara said...

Hehe of course, the sea...

7:11 p. m.  

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