viernes, mayo 01, 2009

The states of matter

Thinking in strange things as the states of matter. At least solid, liquid and gas. And yes there is a fourth, the most common in the universe, plasma, because that's what stars are made of...ok, ok, I won't go into there. I was just thinking in how we change state, and one could think we are solid, more or less soft but solid after all... but as we are 60% water then I reconsider that we might be liquid instead. In a recipient.
Actually I was thinking in other changes of state, like from being asleep to being awake. Different states of mind. Almost like being someone else. It happens sometimes when you play music, or when you really get into the story of a book. When you "flow". Or when you change language. Also when you jump from a hill to the water. Suddenly, under the water, all is silent and you are in another state.
Something else that I just found is that we are 90% bacteria, but they are in the stomach, and as a close doctor said to me, you might not consider the stomach as a part of you, because it's like a tube, but I won't expand on this. So, we end up having more questions than at the beginning, and that is what learning is about, (I might say this to my students the next time).
I forgot to say that changes of state depend on the temperature, and I might have been taking too much sun :)