domingo, marzo 15, 2009

Sitting, waiting, wishing

I had one of these confusing weeks, loosing myself in time and space (ok my spacial abilities have never been so good but still) and finally inviting my friends home just when I was going to the theater, which on the other side I forgot to pick up the tickets. But anyway there were tickets left, probably no one came home when we were in the theater and the show was good. The theater was performed by three portuguese guys in a stage with more than a hundred boxes which could represent from animals to mountains passing for every other imaginable thing... they used a lot of body language and were really funny.
About the confusion, I have an excuse, and this is that it was because I've lost my external memory. I mean not my computer's but my own. I mean my agenda. Yeah it's unbelievable that a bunch of papers can do so much. The ones that don't have an agenda and are not really following can think in this amnesia patients that leave stickers all around the house to remember what they are going to do next. Yes, I think that is the feeling. If my parents are reading, don't worry (I just found it)
Ok, let's get serious here and think about the future, today is kind of sunny and many friends have been writing in the facebook that the spring is coming, they are really hoping so, well they are desperate for the snow to melt and that it gets a bit warmer, and well my dear, I gotta be a bit pessimistic/realistic here, the snow will melt but it's not getting much warmer... until May, don't try to fool me I've been long time in Sweden now! Ok, I confess I've been looking at the temperatures in Spain and they are reaching the 20 degrees now... Lucky bas... yes well as I was saying I'm so happy that I found the agenda and the spring is coming!

The picture is from Valencia in February :p


Blogger CF Ofdensen said...

Careful, Clara, I think you might be developing a case of the insomnia plague. Soon you will have to put labels on everything to remind yourself of what everything is and how to use it.

5:02 p. m.  
Blogger clara said...

Hehe yes, like Garcia Marquez characters, I already live a semi magical existence.. Anyway I have the post-its around, just in case.

11:16 p. m.  

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